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Why Renting A Vacation Condo Makes Sense For A Big Family On Vacation

Have you been putting off traveling because you have a large family? It's understandable. Going on vacation when you have several children can be very expensive. In most cases, hotel rooms are not designed to accommodate four or more people comfortably. And in all honesty, trying to squeeze even two adults and two children in one room can make for tight quarters, especially as your children get older. But paying for two or more rooms or a suite can be a real vacation budget killer. Then there are your meals. Eating every meal at a restaurant when you have a large family is a sure way to burn a hole in your wallet, leaving you with very little to spend on "fun." There is, however, a way you can save money on both your accommodations and your meals -- it's renting a vacation condo. 

Benefits of a Vacation Condo

Staying in a vacation condo rather than in a hotel will help you save money in several ways. For example, condos typically:

  • Are less expensive. In most cases, a condo rental unit will cost you much less than a similar hotel room. One of the major reasons is most condos do not offer daily housekeeping.
  • Are more spacious. Even if you choose to rent a one-bedroom condo, you'll usually have more space than you'd find in a hotel room. In addition to a bedroom(s), most condos also offer a living room, dining area, and a full or partial kitchen. And in most cases, the living room typically has a pull-out sofa. 
  • Save you money on your meals. If you choose a unit with a full kitchen, you can cook up a few meals so that you won't have to go out to a restaurant every night. Even if your unit only has a kitchenette, which typically has a small refrigerator and a microwave, you can still save money by stocking up on beverages and eating a few microwaveable meals and snacks. 
  • Offer a washer and a dryer. With more airlines charging to check in bags, having a washer and dryer could save you some cash. Say, for example, you have a family of six and everyone needs to check in a bag at $25 for both ways. That will end up costing you $300 extra in baggage fees. But if you could pack half as much into three bags and then wash your clothes mid-way through your vacation, you could save $150. 

So don't give up on your travel dreams for your big family. Instead, check out of the hotel room and into a condo rental, so that you can enjoy a trip with your loved ones. To learn more, contact a condo rental company like Mana Kai 601