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Why You Should Rent A Private Beachfront Villa For Your Jamaican Vacation

You may be planning your next vacation and have settled on a trip to Negril, Jamaica. If you have never traveled to the Caribbean before, Negril, Jamaica is one of the most beautiful areas with white sand beaches and a relaxing feel. It's great for families or couples alike.

Once you have decided to visit Jamaica, you need to decide if you should stay in a hotel, resort, or perhaps a private beachfront villa rental in Negril Jamaica.

In fact, a private beachfront villa is one of the best ways to experience Negril. Here are some reasons why you should rent a private beachfront villa in Negril, Jamaica.

They Are Private And Offer Security

Whether you are traveling with your family or just as a couple, staying in a hotel or resort might not offer you the same level of privacy and relaxation you may be looking for. While hotels are great and many of the resorts have nightly entertainment and restaurants to choose from, a private beachfront villa rental in Negril Jamaica offers privacy and security for your stay.

A private villa means your family can enjoy the entire accommodation on their own without sharing common areas with strangers. You will have your own private living room, kitchen in many cases, multiple bedrooms, and bathrooms. Villas often have an outdoor area where you can relax or work on your tan.

A private villa can give you the privacy and security of your own living space so you can enjoy your vacation in peace.

They Have Great Amenities

While hotels in Jamaica do offer some amenities, a private beachfront villa rental in Negril Jamaica often comes with amenities you won't find in a hotel or resort and best of all, you don't have to share them with other guests. 

For example, you may find your villa has its own private pool in your backyard that only you and your family or friends can enjoy. They often have terraces with BBQs so you can have a great outdoor feast. It's possible to find restaurants and dining options available only to those who rent these villas, meaning they won't be as crowded as a hotel's restaurant and you can get to know your neighbors and make new friends.

Many of the villas offer free WiFi and TV for their guests so you can spend your evenings or rainy days gaming or binge-watching a favorite show. 

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