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Making A Small Budget Work For A Big Family Vacation

Unfortunately, not everyone has the vacation budget to go on big extravagant vacations with the family every year. If you are in this situation, don't worry; you're not alone, and you don't have to skip the family vacation this year because you are short on cash. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you make a family vacation more affordable and fun than you've had in years past.

Skip the Hotels 

Hotels cost a lot of money and more often than not, they leave you wanting more. You pay all of that money to be crammed into one small room for the entire trip, so you do all that you can to find things to keep the family entertained outside of the hotel – this is where a family vacation can get very expensive.

Rather than overpaying for a small hotel room, look into vacation rental cabins. These cabins can be found all over the place and come in different levels of luxury, so if your just looking for a basic cabin with beds and electricity, you'll find it, but if you're looking for a cabin that has air conditioning, a full kitchen and bath, and plenty of the room for the family to enjoy, you'll find it as well.

When you book a vacation cabin, you'll save some money on the cost of food. You'll have the ability to prepare some of the family meals right there. This might mean more work for you, but if you spend some time online, you can find some fun recipes that the family might just enjoy helping you with.

Make it a Group Trip

When you travel with a group, you can get group discounts for all sorts of things. The key is to find a group of people that are in the same situation as you – wanting to get the family out for a vacation, but not having the necessary funds to do so. Well, when you form together as a group, you can find a large vacation rental cabin that will house all of you, and you can split the cost of the rental.

When you learn the number in your group and where you're going, spend some time looking into the activities in the surrounding area. You might find group rates for a lot of the stuff that would have otherwise been too expensive to take part in.

Talk with your family and begin planning the family vacation that you'll all enjoy and won't have to spend the next year working to pay off.