Options For Resort Lodging That Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable

When you go on vacation, your choice of lodging has a big effect on your experience. Rather than stay in a basic motel with nothing more than a bed and bath, you should consider staying in resorts when you travel. A resort provides activities that keep you occupied and entertain the kids so staying at your hotel is a fun part of your vacation. Here's a look at some resort lodging you might like to try. [Read More]

What Skills Should You Have Before Your First Scuba Diving Experience?

You have a beautiful resort vacation planned near the ocean, and you have one primary goal in mind for when you arrive: you want to go scuba diving for the first time. It is quite common for seaside resorts to offer scuba diving experiences for vacationers looking to get into this waterway exploration activity, but scuba diving is not like a lot of other recreational activities. It is best if you already possess a few skills when you try to dive for the first time. [Read More]

Why Renting A Vacation Condo Makes Sense For A Big Family On Vacation

Have you been putting off traveling because you have a large family? It's understandable. Going on vacation when you have several children can be very expensive. In most cases, hotel rooms are not designed to accommodate four or more people comfortably. And in all honesty, trying to squeeze even two adults and two children in one room can make for tight quarters, especially as your children get older. But paying for two or more rooms or a suite can be a real vacation budget killer. [Read More]

Matrimonial Money Matters: 3 Things to Know Before Planning a Destination Wedding's Finances

When planning a destination wedding, you may find a number of unanswered questions about the finances of your big event. Will it be a budget buster or wallet friendly? Here are three key things to know before you make your destination-wedding budget. Who Pays? There are some practicalities and some traditions to paying for a destination wedding. While most couples understand that the wedding and reception are on their dime, they may not be aware that it's tradition to pay for the attendants' rooms as well (so be sure to negotiate with the resort for a group rate). [Read More]